From the Treatment Table – A Husbands’ view of Sports Massage

Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in Blog
From the Treatment Table – A Husbands’ view of Sports Massage

Ever since Mandy started running I have been of the opinion that runners only run to talk to other runners about their injuries.  As Mandy didn’t have any other running mates to talk to back then it was down to me to step in and be the “interested” recipient.

At the beginning the conversations were typically quite general. “My calves aching”, “My legs are stiff”… that type of thing.

Nowadays though, since becoming a Sports Massage Therapist the quality and accuracy of our runners’ conversations are unsurpassed.  “I think I might have a grade 3 tear of my tibialis anterior” , “I have some localised tight spots in my biceps femoris so I’ll have to stretch my illiotibial band” and “can you stick your elbow in my piriformis please”…Err OK.

This quest for anatomical perfection has even filtered down to the kids with Will, who is 9, reportedly correcting his school football coach on the precise location of the gastrocnemius and advising on suitable stretches!

Oh, and for all you other knowledgeable runners who read this please be advised that the accuracy and content of this blog is nothing to do with Mandy Frost Sports Massage Therapy  ;-)